Delivery by travelers. Crowdsourced shipping community.
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Submit any parcels to those who travel or travels on business. Receive any goods from anywhere in the world with travelers.

Submit this simple form and your delivery request will be spreaded around.

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Travel and help others to get their parcels.

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How It Works
 — Are you looking for someone who can get your parcel to other city or country?
but you don't want to mess with postal services
 — Yes, I need to send a parcel
to .
 — Do you need some things from far away places?
but you can't handle it by your self?
 — Yes, sure!
 — Why not ask the people who can bring it
on their way?
 — Who they are?
 — Tourists, travelers, business people in work trip.
 — Why should they do that?
 — People who travel frequently, usually open and active. They are interesting in new acquaintances. When you carry someone's parcel, your trip will acquire an additional meaning, there is an opportunity to make new contacts in the travel and earn some money.