Delivery by travelers. Crowdsourced shipping community.
27 Jan 2015, 16:02

How It Works

If you want to send a parcel - create an advertisement for the delivery. Specify the origin and destination points, optional - additional information: date, description of the goods, car number, address of the place of the meeting and so on. More than describe the parcel, the faster will get feedback from people who are ready to deliver your cargo.

If you are ready to deliver the parcel - Publish your itinerary, tell everyone when and at what transport go, what you have restrictions on the goods, and so on. N. If you expect to be rewarded for shipping, feel free to write about it right in the ad.

To contact the person whose declaration you are interested, write a message (link to view page ads). There are no restrictions on the publication of contact information in the ads: e-mail, phone numbers, nicknames in messenger.